Are you visible on Google?

Are you visible on Google?

This world is huge yet a small place, thanks to the internet. Whatever you need, you find it here- information, a product, even a person from your high school. Google made things easier. You pull up a search option, write your query, and you find what you need.

Google is a fantastic world; you know, it processes a lot of searches each day, around 3.5 billion or more.

So, no wonders why companies and businesses are scrambling to reach the top with SEO, Google Ads,Social Media Marketing, and other strategies.
Are you willing to grab that hot spot-on Google’s top search result? Here are a few tips that help you to get your website visible on Google.

Get your Website on Google

Google tool allows your business to submit the website for free for indexing. As you submit your website to Google, you tell the search engine that your website exists, and you can expect it to appear on search results. You can use the search console for various other purposes, including- checking for external links, crawl errors, and more. The tool helps you maximizing Google visibility.

Get Unique Keywords Inserted

This one is the most important step to follow. You need to learn about the keywords, identify the right one, and get it inserted in your page title, description, images, and Meta Tags. The keyword is highly
beneficial to increase traffic and sales. It allows a large number of people who are looking for your services and products to land on your website. So, get the website designed with your best-suited keywords, unique content, attractive images, accurate information, and the best user experience to stand out from the competition.

Follow Google

Always take Google’s advice to bring your website to its top search results. Google helps its clients with easy tips to stay on the top, considering how best they perform with the search result. You can hire a
team that can help you with website designing and development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, and website maintenance too.

Optimize Images

Imagine optimization is an essential step to run a content marketing campaign effectively. It doesn’t need much, just a few steps to get your images ready for search engines. You need to title your image
correctly by writing accurate keyword-rich descriptions and adding tags and caption. An optimized image becomes searchable on Google search engine and directs a valuable route for your customers to your website.

Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

Today, most people are visiting websites through their smartphones in comparison to desktop or laptop. A mobile-friendly website is a must, not just to enhance user’s experience but also to make sure how it
impacts your search visibility on Google. Google does see your website’s design as mobile-friendly, and this has a considerable impact on the search result. It is worthy of getting your website URL for a mobile-friendly test.

Site Speed and Search Engine Visibility

Site Speed is a crucial factor in ‘user-friendliness.’ It is not necessarily important for Google visibility but does count. A faster site means a better user experience that leads to conversion and a higher sales rate. You can improve by optimizing images, using the right image, good caching plugin usage, and removing unnecessary Meta data.
There are a lot many steps you can follow to get your website a top ranking. Start with the above tips to make your site visible on Google, and get maximum traffic on your website to get your business going.
We hope we helped you!

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