Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing

Social Media is dynamic, ever-changing, but the most potent tool used by millions of people worldwide. With more than 800 million users monthly, the competition amongst businesses is high. Gone are the days of business monopoly where the product was the only selling point. A company must consider multiple factors such as viewer engagement, influencers, competition, brand awareness, unique selling point, adding value to its customers and much more. To sum it up- social media is an excellent tool for digital marketing, only if your businesses use it to create a “wow factor” in the audience’s mind.

With a lot of advice comes increasing confusion. As a business, where should you start and what are the best Instagram Marketing strategies, tools and techniques best suited to your company? We’re here to help you step out of this dilemma!

Let’s begin with a no brainer- make sure you have a business profile on Instagram asap! This will help you monitor your engagement, analytics, statistics, impressions, and so much more. A good starting point would be to understand your demographics, the most active hours, location, age and sex of your target customers. These details, though may not seem quintessential to your business, but they are! No marketing strategy or campaign is destined to work if you don’t know your target audience. If you understand your audience’s most active hours, there is a high chance that you’re assured of getting more engagement, lead generation, and sales when you post at the right time.

Instagram Insights will help you peep into the real word of what your audience likes. You can easily find out the kind of content your customer is most engaged in! Instagram marketing works in various ways. For instance, if you are a predominantly product selling company, posting teasers of your customers will grab their attention, get them excited and increase your sales.

Sponsored ads on Instagram have proven to be highly influential for businesses. They help increase brand awareness and increase sales. Instagram offers single sponsored ads and multiple ads- depending on a budget of your company. Another pocket-friendly feature on Instagram that works brilliantly as an Instagram marketing tool is the option of selecting your preferred budget for your ad and the duration for which you want to run your ad.

Many companies use Instagram stories for advertising their products and services, and there are no restrictions! You can post as many stories as you want at any particular time. You can also use Instagram stories to share client photos and reviews- this will help your business build trust with your customers.

Instagram has given a robust platform to influencers from all walks to life and from all around the world. Depending on your geography and your brand, it is smart to partner with a trustworthy influencer. For example, if you are a clothing brand, you can consider partnering with a lifestyle influencer. They already have a well-established and have a fan base that resonates with the essence of your brand.

Instagram has a wealth of resources available for your use to help your business reach new heights. Your business deploys’ marketing strategies will define your growth pattern, your client base, and you as a brand. We would highly suggest you invest well and keep your views as excited about your brand as you are!

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