6 Real Estate SEO Strategies to Fire Up Your Business

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Real Estate SEO- Allied


Real Estate SEO- Allied

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Although real estate Search Engine Optimization is more competitive and has some unique challenges, many of the steps involved in ranking real estate websites are the same as traditional website search engine marketing.

Below is the step-by-step process can use to get the organic search results they require for traffic and lead generation.

1- The First Step is Local SEO

We will list in all local listing channels for building a brand and real estate listing channels for getting a business

2- Next Step is Keyword Research

Real Estate Keywords

Best Keywords related to real estate in local areas

Keyword Research for the Real Estate Industry

True Real Estate SEO experts will look a little deeper than simple “homes for sale” type searches. You will also want to review latent semantic keywords to make sure you properly seed your content.

Your keyword research should include not only the obvious but every deviation of those keywords.

For instance, *your city* + homes for sale should also include:

*your city + state abr* homes for sale

homes for sale in *your city*

homes for sale in *your city + state abr*

*your city* real estate

*your city + state abr* real estate

*your city* real estate for sale

*your city + state abr* for sale

real estate *your city*

real estate in *your city*

real estate for sale *your city*

all of the above with the state abbreviation

similar search phrases with subdivisions

similar search phrases with counties

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Complete a Website Audit

Now that your local SEO is in place and you have a good idea of what keywords you would like to be found for, the next step is completing an SEO website audit.

Meta Titles and Descriptions

The next step is reviewing your meta headers on each page. Meta titles and meta descriptions are a very easy to update and important aspect of your on-page SEO.

SEO for IDX Listings

Anyone in real estate understands one of the main reasons that home buyers and sellers use the internet in the real estate sales process is to search for listings. The process of having real estate listings from other brokers displayed on an agents site is through the implementation of IDX or a VOW, with IDX being the dominant option. There is a long history of IDX and bringing listings online.

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blog images

Backlinks from Authoritative Real Estate Websites

The quality and quantity of backlinks that point to your real estate website is what shows Google that you are an authoritative source of quality information. There are different ways to acquire backlinks, but it is very important to remember that all backlinks are not created equal.


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